The Golden State Warriors faced a tough loss against the Phoenix Suns, but the game was overshadowed by the ejection of Chris Paul by referee Scott Foster. The incident occurred with just seconds remaining in the first half when Paul disputed a foul call and engaged in a heated exchange with Foster. Paul was ultimately given two technical fouls and ejected from the game. This is not the first clash between Paul and Foster, as they have a long-running feud that dates back several years. In a postgame interview, Paul hinted that the feud may be personal and related to an incident involving his son. Despite Paul's ejection, the Warriors made a comeback in the second half, led by their bench unit, but ultimately fell short with a final score of 123-115. The Warriors now have a record of 7-9 for the season. This incident raises questions about the relationship between players and referees and the impact it can have on the game. Will the league take any action to address the ongoing feud between Paul and Foster?

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