Is Max Verstappen Excited About the Las Vegas F1 Circuit?

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, has expressed his lack of enthusiasm for the layout of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit ahead of its Formula 1 debut. Verstappen admitted that he finds street circuits unexciting, especially with the heavy new cars. He prefers tracks that consist of high-speed corners, of which there are not many on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. While he appreciates the scenery of driving through the strip, Verstappen believes that the layout itself is not the most thrilling.

Verstappen also expressed his dissatisfaction with the glitzy opening ceremony of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. He stated that he felt like a "clown" and was not interested in the showbiz elements surrounding the event. Verstappen's focus is on the performance side, and he prefers to concentrate on his racing rather than the spectacle.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is the third US-based race this year, following Miami, Florida, and Austin, Texas. The excitement of Formula 1 racing in Las Vegas is dampened for Verstappen due to his preferences for high-speed corners. Despite his reservations, the race is set to take place this weekend, and Verstappen will aim to perform at his best.


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