Why Does the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix Start at 1 a.m. EST?

The Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to begin at 1 a.m. EST (10 p.m. local time) on Sunday, creating a record for the latest start time in F1 history. The late start time was chosen as a compromise to accommodate European fans, who will be able to watch the race in the morning. The race is part of F1's efforts to attract more American viewers and is expected to generate $1.3 billion for Clark County.

The grand prix will be held on a 3.8-mile circuit on the Las Vegas Strip, with drivers reaching speeds of over 200 mph. The race is significant for teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin, who are seeking crucial points for the team-based championship, which offers substantial prize money.

Charles Leclerc will start from pole position after topping qualifying, but Carlos Sainz will start from 12th due to a grid penalty. Max Verstappen and George Russell will line up behind Leclerc on the front row.

Fans in the United Kingdom can watch the race live on Sky Sports, while highlights will be shown on Channel 4. The late start time is a challenge for both the paddock and American fans, but it is a compromise that aims to prioritize the interests of various stakeholders and F1 fans.

Overall, the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix promises to be an exciting race with high stakes for the teams involved.


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