Is the Las Vegas Grand Prix more show than sport?

Formula One driver Max Verstappen has criticized the Las Vegas Grand Prix, saying it is "99 percent show and one percent sporting event." Verstappen's comments come after the race's extravagant opening ceremony, which featured performances by Kylie Minogue and John Legend. The Las Vegas Grand Prix has been compared to the Super Bowl, with Formula One executives promoting it as a star-studded spectacle. However, Verstappen expressed his dislike for the show aspect of the event, stating that he prefers to focus on the performance side of racing. Despite his opinions, Verstappen acknowledged that as drivers, they have no say in the decisions made by Formula One. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to take place on Saturday evening, with the race cars speeding down the iconic Las Vegas Strip. While Formula One has invested over half a billion dollars in the event, some locals have complained about high ticket prices and traffic congestion caused by the race.


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