Is the Effort to Remove Trump from Colorado Ballot Over?

An attorney for former President Trump expressed satisfaction with the recent ruling in Colorado that allowed Trump to remain on the primary ballot. Despite the judge's acknowledgement that Trump had incited the January 6th insurrection, she ruled in Trump's favor, stating that the 14th Amendment's wording does not specifically apply to the presidency. The lawsuit, brought forth by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and others, aimed to remove Trump from the state's ballot. Although the outcome of the case was in Trump's favor, CREW celebrated the ruling for recognizing Trump's role in inciting the insurrection.

While recent court decisions have dealt setbacks to the theory that Trump is disqualified from running again due to the 14th Amendment, experts believe the fight is not over. Colorado District Judge Sarah Wallace's ruling is open to debate and likely to be appealed to higher courts. Some legal experts argue that it makes no constitutional sense for the provision in question to apply to all federal officials who support an insurrection except for the president. Despite the recent victories, the efforts to remove Trump from future ballots are expected to continue.


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