Efforts to Rescue Trapped Workers in Collapsed Tunnel in India Expand to Include Drilling from Mountain Top

Rescue efforts to free 40 workers trapped inside a collapsed tunnel in northern India have taken a new approach as drilling is now being conducted from the mountain top. The workers have been trapped since Sunday when part of the under-construction tunnel in Uttarakhand collapsed due to a landslide. Previous attempts to drill through the debris at the mouth of the tunnel have failed. In addition to drilling from the mouth, a platform is being prepared to place the drilling machine at the identified spot above the tunnel. Contact has been established with the trapped workers who are currently receiving oxygen and food supplies. Officials estimate that if everything goes as planned, the rescue could take four or five more days. The new plan involves drilling vertically from the top of the mountain, in addition to the horizontal drilling from the side. The operation faced a setback when the drilling machine broke, but a new one was flown in. The region is prone to landslides and other natural disasters, which may have caused the collapse of the tunnel.


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