Was the Georgia high school football coach fired for post-practice baptisms?

Tattnall County High School in Georgia has recently fired head football coach Isaac Ferrell, who held a Christian baptism for some of his players after practice. While the baptism prompted complaints from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the school district claims that Ferrell's dismissal was not related to the event. Instead, the superintendent stated that he was fired due to an incident following a football game on November 3. The district emphasized that the safety and security of students is their top priority and that they are seeking a new football coach who aligns with the best interests of the students. The superintendent also mentioned ongoing investigations and declined to comment further on any other allegations. Despite the separation of church and state concerns, some parents spoke in support of Ferrell and their children participating in the baptism. Ferrell remains employed by the Tattnall County School District as a teacher, while the impact of the religious intervention on the players remains to be seen.


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