India vs Australia World Cup final: Who will emerge victorious?

India's Virat Kohli set the stage on fire with a historic 50th ODI century in the first semifinal against New Zealand, leading his team to the World Cup final. Australia, on the other hand, pulled off a scrappy win against South Africa in the second semifinal to secure their spot in the final.

India, the tournament hosts, will be aiming for their second World Cup win on home soil since 2011. Australia, with their five-time championship history, will be looking to add another title to their collection.

The final match will take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, the world's largest cricket stadium.

Fans in the US can catch the action live on WillowTV or stream it on the ESPN+ app. The match is scheduled to begin at 3:30 a.m. ET on Sunday, November 19.

With both teams displaying exceptional performance throughout the tournament, who will emerge victorious in the ultimate showdown? Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the final match to find out. Stay tuned for an exhilarating clash between two cricketing powerhouses.


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