A man, a plan, a chainsaw: How a power tool took center stage in Argentina's presidential race

The upcoming presidential runoff in Argentina has taken an unexpected turn with the rise of far-right libertarian candidate, Javier Milei. Known for his eccentricities and brash statements, Milei has attracted a following among young voters who feel disillusioned with the country's political establishment. Riding on a platform of radical state spending cuts and ultra-conservative economic policies, Milei has been compared to former US President Donald Trump.

Milei's popularity has been fueled by social media, where he has amassed a significant following. His unorthodox campaign style, which includes brandishing a chainsaw at rallies, has garnered attention and sparked controversy. However, Milei's rise has not been without controversy. Claims of fraud in the first round of voting have been circulating on social media, with some of his supporters volunteering to monitor polling stations.

Despite the financial crisis facing Argentina, with skyrocketing inflation and increasing poverty, the ruling party's candidate, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, remains a strong contender in the race. Pre-election polls have shown a dead heat between Milei and Massa, making this runoff election one of the most closely watched in recent Argentine history.

As the election approaches, the country awaits the outcome that will determine its future direction. Will Milei's appeal to anti-establishment sentiment prevail, or will Massa's experience and ties to the ruling party secure him the presidency? The answer will become clear on election day.


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