Did Eagles' Jalen Carter Steal from Target?

Jalen Carter, the Philadelphia Eagles' rookie defensive tackle, found himself at the center of a shoplifting incident at a local Target store. Carter was accused of stealing merchandise from the store along with a woman who was with him. However, Carter dismissed the incident as a "misunderstanding" and claimed to not know much about it. According to sources, Carter and the woman were approached by a Target employee and later by the police, but Carter was not detained and no police report was filed. This incident adds to Carter's off-field concerns, which previously included his involvement in a fatal car crash during his time at Georgia, causing his draft stock to drop. Despite his off-field troubles, Carter has been performing well on the field, with four sacks, five tackles for a loss, and two forced fumbles in his first eight games. However, the Eagles will need to monitor his behavior and make sure he stays out of trouble in the future.


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